Thursday, July 8, 2021

Finished -- Daemons of Nurgle (for Warcry)

 Hi all,

triggered by Warcry and my desire to test enamel washes, I painted up some Daemons of Nurgle. My plan was simple: do one unit of each type that can be used in Warcry plus some objective markers (which are often needed in Warcry games).  

Almost everything was painted with GW Contrast paints plus enamel washes from AK Interactive. All steps were easy going. What a pleasure!!

What follows is the resulting gallery of Nurgle:

The hair was done with after painting the mini with the Pro Grass Micro Static Grass Applicator by War World Scenics (WWS). For fixation, I used their Basing Glue, which works a bit better than PVA. The "hair" is Scorched Grass in 1mm and 2mm length also from WWS. 
After applying it, I carefully tipped a bit of Agrax Earthshade onto the hair to visually merge it with the rest of the mini. 

For the Plague Drones, I tried out some Colorshift Cameleon paints from Green Stuff World which I applied by airbrush on a gloss black priming for the carapaces. In addition, I used some on the wings as well to make them look more interesting (hard to see on the photos).

And finally some custom made objective markers build from the bits box: 

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