Sunday, January 30, 2022

My first Age of Sigmar Army -- A Stormcast Eternal Warrior Chamber

 Hi all,

Two years ago I thought that the right entry into Age of Sigmar would be "the standard army", the Space Marines of Sigmar, aka Sigmarines, those who define the game as a kind of benchmark. Fast forward to 2022: Here they are! Roughly 3000 Points of a Warrior Chamber. Took me the larger part of 2021.

For the colour scheme, I wanted something different than gold! Nothing against gold (apart from that it can be a pain in the butt to paint... ;-)) but my vision was something more fundamental. Something that would emphazise the cold untouchable aura of these warriors. Angels sent from heaven! What could be better suited than white?! Two years ago, I did what I always do before starting with a new colour scheme: I google what other people did, for inspiration! As I read recently in the amazing 28mm Magazine, the act of creation is a symbiosis, aka "stealing" ideas from others and creating something unique by mixing them together. 

So in my case, the inspiration came from the excellent Immortal Tribunal by Bruticus on exprofundis. Check them out, they are stunning! So in this case not much mixing on my side, just some minor adjustments, mostly because of my much lower skill level... ;-)

Here are some potraits of the whole army. You can find individual pics on my instagram

I will do a rough step by step guide as well...

Happy warhammering!

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