Wednesday, December 4, 2019

How big is... The new Chaos Space Marine Sorcerer -- Size Comparison

Hi all,

I assume you love the new Chaos Space Marine Sorcerer model as much as I do! Really a nice little gem that GW brought us there so close to Christmas!

Obviously, the important question is now: How tall is this guy? Is he truly heroic for a Chaos Space Marine? Possibly even as tall as a Primaris?

Well, the answer is...

So, while he makes the classical sorcerers look like a child, he is not taller than a "normal" new Chaos Space Marine, and thus still not Primaris scale.... buh! Well, well, some little conversion will be needed to make this guy a proper Chaos (anti)-hero...

Interesting also the new Sorcerer backpack, which looks very similar to the classic one but is actually quite a bit narrower!

Sunday, November 17, 2019

Necromunda -- The Faces of the Corpse Grinder Cult

Welcome to Hive City of Arcos! This Hive City is most famous for its exquisite and delicious meat cuts, most of which are only produced here!

This is mostly thanks for our Corpse Guild which does an amazing job lately. They managed to raise the production numbers within the last month despite the meat reserves being low! Even, the great Lord Helmawr appreciated that and gave us his commendations!

Never mind if you see some graffiti in the lower levels of Arcos. And nevermind the screaming. These are just the workers trying to chat over the sound of their chain saws. Really everything is alright! Actually apart from the screaming some sector are very quiet lately...

A Corpse Grinder Cult?! The Lord of Skin and Sinew? What are you talking about? Everything is in order here! Just go down and talk to some of the workers. They are working very hard indeed for the wellbeing of the whole hive, even the whole of Necromunda!

Madmen? Heretics? Cannibals?!!! What it the matter with you? How dare you saying things like these? We are all true servant to the God Emperor, may he be blessed forever! Just look at the faces of these hard-working and devout men!

Can you smell this? Aren't you hungry? How about some fresh and tasty meat? Here, we usually serve it still warm....

Blessed be the Lord of Skin and Sinew! Givet us the strength and wisdom to be good citizens of Arcos!

Saturday, November 16, 2019

Unboxing Necromunda Dark Uprising

Hi all,

This morning punctual as usual the postman brought me this little early Christmas gift:

GW did not lie, the box is huge! Here comparison with the previous Necromunda core box:

And the box is full to the rim with sprues!

These are the terrain frames:

In particular, there are six types of the new Zona Mortalis sprues

The great news: these frames are the full quality GW (not the quality of those produced in China)!!!

 So there is this frame x6:

The others are all 2x:

The last frame which is for the doors is there only once:

Then, there are the miniatures of course:
3x the corpse grinder cult frame
2x the new subjugator enforcer frame
1x the "old" palantine enforcer frame

Here the new frames: Corpse Grinder Cult

There are many cool heads in the above frame.

The Subjugators:

Here the other things in the box:

Part of it is a two-sided playing matt. It is not made out of cardboard as previously but out of some flexible plastic.

More details will follow!


Sunday, September 29, 2019

How big are... -- Blackstone Fortress Miniatures -- Size comparisons

Hi all,

time for another episode in my "series", "How big are..."!

This time, the fantastic miniatures from Warhammer Quest: Blackstone Fortress:


Let's start with the impressive and cunning Rogue Trader Janus Draik:
The (certainly) centuries of rejuvenation therapy (and maybe the long time spend at low gravity?) made this guy really tall! A whole head taller than the average Imperial soldier (which you have to imagine to be like Arnold Schwarzenegger!), just a bit shy of a Primaris. Most impressive! Well, I love this guy, and maybe this is simply the new "heroic" scale of GW! 

Next up, the Ministorum Priest Taddeus the Purifier:
 Good old Tad, is quite massive too. Certainly he did not have to fast on his crusade!

Here another comparison shot with the elderly Arch-confessor and Redemptor  Kyrinov

Looks like Tad definitely had an idol to inspire him (pose- and cloth-wise ;-). But certainly, he "outgrew" his old master.

Then, there is Missionary Zealot Pious Vorne:

Also Vorne steps into the footsteps of a previous great but anonymous Eviscerator Priest

Next up is Imperial Navigator Espern Locarno:
Well, Navigators are tall, fluff-wise I think? Also, as far as I know, there has been no other Navigator model yet, to compare to?

And, the unique (?): Imperial Robot UR-025:
First time in 40k that we encounter an artificial intelligence. Not much is known about this supposedly extinguished "race". I guess he could come in any size? 

Kroot Tracker Dahyak Grekh:
Unfortunately (shame on me), I have no Kroot model for comparison but he seems quite a big specimen as well (heroic).

Amallyn Shadowguide, Asuryani Ranger
Also no older ranger for comparison, sorry!

Ratling Twins, Rein and Raus:
 I have to admit, I really do not like ratlings! They remind me way too much of Hobbits, which I also do not like, sorry!!

Denizens of the Blackstone Fortress

The brave explorers encounter some nasty denizens:

Traiter Guardsmen:

Interestingly,  the Traitor Guardsmen are indeed the same size as Cadians. Soo much to a size creep in GW models...

Negavolt Cultists:

Chaos Beatmen:


Spindle Drones:

Black Legion Chaos Space Marines:

Rogue Psykers:
Hard to compare these guys of course, floating around like balloons.

And finally, Obsidius Mallex: