Tuesday, January 7, 2020

Mini Review -- Spiky Brown Tufts from Gamers Grass

Fellow hobbyists,

out of curiosity, I recently bought Spiky Brown Tufts from Gamers Grass:

And this is how it looks on the model:

On the right:

On the right:

And on the left:

Pretty neat effect I would say! And easy to apply with its sticky bottom.

Cutting the tufts makes them fall apart completely very easily so careful with this.

All together, very happy with this product! Can recommend. Cheers!

Monday, January 6, 2020

Untamed Warbeasts finished -- Warcry


As said, for my Untamed Beasts, I imagined that they are coming from the hot savanna, and that they would despise metal, instead make everything out of bone.

Then I thought what would contrast well with the bones? Well, dark skin. And what looks awesome on dark skin? Warpaint! Google it! There is really amazing stuff out there!

For example the incredible photos of Jimmy Nelseon: https://www.jimmynelson.com/peoples-places/

This black and white scheme would contrast super well with, you know it, blood! Y voila!