Thursday, September 21, 2017

Death Guard -- Good old Typhus

Now that they new model for Typhus is coming out it was really highest time to finish up the old model, which was sitting in my cabinet on the in-progress shelf for quite a while! 

At the same time, this is the last of the old miniatures, the last pre-Primaris Space Marine, that I am going to paint! The end of an era. Now, I will fully concentrate on the new amazing range of Death Guard models. Let's see how long it will take me until the new Typhus will be finished. Would be fun to see them right next to each other...

Sunday, August 20, 2017

Primaris Space Marines -- Proportions comparison

Maybe you are as excited as me about the new Primaris Space Marines that GW released a short while ago? When I see them, I see correctly scaled Space Marines which are finally trully giants compared to Guards Men, as it should be! You were also bothered by the fact that many Chaos Space Marines where shorter than a simple Guards Men?! Well, these times are over fortunately. Even the new Death Guard which obviously wear old Marks of Power Armour  (mainly Mark II and III)  are now as large as the new Primaris!

When I now see an old Space Marine miniature, I can not help it, I just think that the legs are to tiny and the head way to big, they look like weird freak dwarfs. I can not imagine painting anymore of these abominations. For me there is no way back! Which is of course ironic as I have almost completed my Space Marine metal miniature collection with all the "previously awesome" Space Marine models from the 2000s. Do not get me wrong, I still love the character of all these fantastic miniatures but  all Marines should be "true-scale", i.e. Primaris size.

I know a lot of you already made great efforts to convert normal Astartes to True Scale, e.g., here  and here, and of course I was immediately wondering whether it would be possible to convert the old models to the Primaris size. The conversion is probably very complex because according to GW's own words only the heads and shoulder pads are still the same.  But how much does every body part be enlarged?

In order to find out, I took some Primaris Parts from the Dark Imperium set and from the latest tactical Space Marine box and took some detailed comparison shots. Let's go through them from the bottom to the top:

1. Lower body (legs, boots):

The lower body of the old Space Marines measures from bottom of the boot to just below the belt measures 1.8cm if we ignore the slightly bended knee, while for the new Primaris, we have 2.2cm, so ~22% higher. In more detail:

  • Boots: The new boot is more massive than the old one in every aspect by ~10%, it is longer (1.1cm vs. 1.0cm), wider and higher, even ignoring the additional new armour plates.
  • Lower leg: similar to the boot, the new lower leg is just more massive in every way as well, more like an old Terminator leg (which is why most true-scale converters used those). The old lower leg measures roughly 0.8cm to the knee while the new one is 1cm. When the older knee armour plate center was on ~1.1cm, the new one is on ~1.4cm, so this is where the Primaris Marine gains most of its additional height from! 
  • Thighs: The Primaris thighs on the other hand are not longer than those of an old school Marine! Just the armour is thicker, again more like that of an old Terminator suit.

1. Upper body (torso):

The above pics show that the upper body grew quite a bit from normal to Primaris Marine. The old upper body from belt to shoulders measures roughly 1.0cm, while the Primaris is 1.2-1.3cm, so ~25% growth,  matching the increase, we have in the lower body. Both the belly and the breast are longer, while the width is only slightly extended. In addition, the Primaris torso has a higher depth. So bad news: it is going to be very difficult to change an old upper body to Primaris proportions, unfortunately!
From the back it looks a bit better on first glance but when you look closer you see of course that the same that applies to the front also applies to the back...

3. Arms:

The above image shows on old Marine arm on top of a Primaris arm, followed by another old arm.
From it, it seems that the arms of the Primaris Marines are very similar to those of the old Marines. The total length and also the segment proportions are the same. the hands are the same as well. So good news: no conversion needed here! Old and new arms should be completely interchangeable.

 4. Backpack:

As you can see in the above pictures, the backpack containing the power plant did NOT grow by ~20% as the rest of the Primaris. Instead, the Primaris backpack is basically the same as from the previous marks with just an additional thin layer of armour added to the top part and the exhaust jets, as well as the circular plate in the center. So again good news:  no conversion needed here as well but interchangeability!

5. Bolter:

While the bolter is not part of the armour, some might consider it an part of the Marine, so just out of curiosity, let's compare the old Godwyn pattern Bolter with the Mk II Cawl Pattern Bolt Rifle.  The above pics show that both are very similar in fact with the striking difference that the Cawl Pattern is longer because of this added "segment" in front of the lower grip, namely 2.1cm compared to 1.7cm. Otherwise all dimensions are basically the same.

So in conclusion, we see that most of the difference between the old Marines and the new Primaris size lies in the lower legs and the whole torso, while both lower and upper body are more massive, excluding the arms. The arms, heads, backpacks and weapons are so similar that they are basically interchangeable.
Of course, in particular the huge differences in the upper body mean big trouble for any attempt to convert old Marine miniatures to the new size and true scale. I personally, I am not sure what to make out of this yet. While I love, many of the old miniatures, in particular the characters and metal miniatures, conversion is going to be challenging to impossible. Maybe it will be easier to take the bodies of Primaries and convert them to be similar to the old models with lots of Green Stuff... ;-)

Saturday, August 19, 2017

Necromunda - Arbites - Enforcer -- Judge Dredd Style!


here the last miniature I managed to paint before moving from Chile to UK, a real classic miniature, an Arbites Enforcer. I wanted to paint the Arbites of our hive somewhat blue to make them easily recognizable as Police Forces. First, I was thinking blue with white but somehow I was not satisfied with the inspiration I found in the internet. So I decided to paint this classic also in a classic colour scheme: the one of Judge Dredd!

Here you go step by step. The colours pots in the images are the colours painted. Sorry, for this minimalistic style but just let me know if you are interested in the details! Maybe, I will do a better one in the future.


Saturday, April 1, 2017

Goliath Gang Reinforcements done!

Hahaha, almost exaclty FOUR years ago, I posted this! 

Now they are finally painted, hahaha. With this my Goliath Gang is complete. Cheers!


Hi there!

This is my version of Skulltaker. I have to say that I do not like too much the sculpt. I did some slight modifications like taking away the skulls on his horns and reducing the size of those horns going to the front as well as thinning down the tong -- all to make him look a little bit less rediculous! :-)

The paint job is not too elaborate and in the style of my bloodletters...

Friday, April 29, 2016

Making of the Bloodletters Unit 2

So first of the conversions I did when building the models. I basicallz used a cutter and fine saw to cut off parts and then some thin metal wire to reconnect things in different angles:

Somehow, I managed to loose one upper bodzy during the assembly, and I could just not find it anymore! This lead to the guy below which uses some Chaos Space Marine parts. After taking the picture, I actually decided to change one of the legs to a Space Marine leg as you see in the next picture further down...

Then I filled the holes with green stuff. Fairly simple conversion.

Now for the painting! I first primed the Bloodletters with Chaos Black Primer, just to then use the airbrush with skull white to bring back most of the parts to light.

However, I left some areas (the bottom legs and the backs) a bit darker.

Then I sprayed Bloody Red (note that the reds come out really wrong in the photos, so you have to stick to the names of the colors here for reference...)

Next, I washed the miniatured with the old red ink.

Then I mixed some Blood Red with Bleached Bone to spray the bellies a bit to make them lighter (similar to most real animals ;-))

With the skin, the airbrushing part of the painting process is already completed.  Next up was to paint all the horns and swords black  the most tedious and annoying step of the painting (no picture).

Then followed a dry brushing of the bronze parts with Brazen Brass...

While the horns were highlighted with several layers of black with increasing amounts of Dark Sea Blue...

... over mixing in some codex grey ...

and finally Bleached Bone

Then I painted the teeth and tong with pure Bleached Bone.

And highlighted with White

Then I created a special mixture of Purple and Red Ink with lots of Ardcoat Varnish and a little pit of White to wash the tongs

Then I washed the whole skin and face with Devlan Mud to create shadows...

... and the horns and swords with Baddab Black to  smoothen the transitions.

Finally, I applied some thinned Black Ink to darken the swords even further and finish the handle.

After all the washes and inks were dry, it was time to highlight again. First the bronze parts with several layers of Brazen Brass with increasing amounts of Mithril Silver and Glorious Gold to equal parts...

And next, the teeth got some white again. The eyes yellow. And some pure Ardcoat Varnish to make the tongs and mouths shiny. :-)

The final paint step to the miniatures was to use some Tamiya Red with a tiny bit of black mixed into it to create blood effects...

That's it!

Happy painting!