Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Necromunda -- Toxic Slag Miners -- The new gang -- Greens

From the gas mine revolts, this gang of desperate (and slightly crazy) convicts managed to break out and dissapear into the underhive. These outlaws dont have are called the Toxic Slag Miners.

And they have a determined and steel-willed leader!:

And here comes the technician of our toxic miner gang. He is an expert for all kinds of gases and toxics, and he loves to test these on his enemies.

Next up is Ramirez, the scout, sniper and demolitions expert of the team.

Then we have one of the crazy gus: Call name "The accident" - Close combat specialist with self-made electro whip

Another Toxic Slag Miner specialist with custom heavy nail cannon. A few of the nails can be seen on the base.

Since he lost his legs to this acid pool this toxic slag miner became somehow careless for his life. Maybe thats why he joined the revolt?

Another toxic slack miner. He is the second hand of the leader forwarding his commands to the frontline. A really tough guy with a tough past and thus a tough attitude. ;-) This guy was actually the first model, the prototype, for this gang.

And finally, here comes the boot hill of the Toxic Slag Miner gang.

Can't wait to paint these guys!


Monday, August 20, 2018

Run for cover, Mad Donna is back!

D'onne Astride Ge'Sylvanus of the House of Ulanti. Not many know this name, and even less people live long enough to tell it to somebody else. But yep, Mad Donna is actually a nobledam from the Spire! Hard to believe, right?! Such a crazy bi... Oh eehhm, neverminde. I, eh, I, uhm, have to go now...

As a hardcore Necromunda fan, of course, there was no way around this miniature for me! And since GW briught back this classic for a short time, I was obliged. Anyway, I am honestly not so much into this Wildcat colour schemes. So instead, I borrowed one from another (anti=)hero, Harley Quinn, from Suicide Squad.

First, they are similar in character, craaaaz.... , ehm, uhm. Yeah, and its a really cool character, so huh, here we go.

Hope you like my interpretation and little homage.
Stay sharp and keep clear of these air ducts!

P.S.: Maybe a bit hard to see but I was trying out these new fluorescent paints from Vallejo Model Colour. In this case the orange and red mixed on the plasma pistol. Not sure yet about those paints. So please let me know if you have any experience with fluorescent paints yet!

New bulkheads and barricades for the underhive

Since, I saw the new Necromunda terrain pieces, I had the strong urge to get my fingers dirty on them. And dirty they got indeed :-))) Well mostly, because I decided to reactive my airbrush after a year of hiatus or so. But see for yourself:

OK, first I had some excessive workout with all my favorite hobby tools (Dremel, Clipper, and friends), before glueing on some ultra-fine sand (to simulate large scale rust), and finally attaching some pieces of cardboard for better handling during the airbrushing...

After a good black priming, they were ready for a paint session with first some Scorched Brown and Boltgun Metal airbrushing that then was followed up with my favorite colour (Bestial Brown) applied thinned and generously (as an ink). For rust I always take Blazing Orange. Finally some little detail work and Boltgun highlighting and that's it:

The painting took all in all 5 hours. Roughly twice as long as I thought so the session went on quite a bit into the night. But I had to finish them for an upcoming game. So that's why there was no time to go fancy with hazard stripes, real graffiti and so on. But hey, I have another set of those lying around and these will be done properly... ;-)

Until then, keep the brushes tight!

Saturday, August 18, 2018

Follow me on Instagram!

Dear visitors,

I recently started using Instagram, and I have to say that the direct posting from my phone makes me post new minis and projects over there a bit more often than over here. This does of course not mean that I will stop writing this blog but rather that "quickies" will be on Instagram and the detailed posts will be here. Long story short, if you want to follow me on Instagram, here the link (and above in the menu bar): https://www.instagram.com/supermassive_beast/?hl=en

Happy converting and painting everybody!!!

Monday, June 4, 2018

Burn the Mutant! -- Redemptionist Senior Priest

The first of the classics is finished (maybe 6 hours of painting?):

For the book, I "cheated" and used for the first time the Staedtler 0.05mm pigment liner. Takes quite long to dry but for "writing" just so much easier than doing with a paint brush...