Thursday, April 12, 2012

Steel Legion Officer - Painting

Today, I did a quick and relaxed after work & beer painting session focusing on the officer. But first, I used 2 minutes of my time for something that I wanted to do since a long while: I build a miniature cork & brush holder... ;-)
For this purpose, I used the old VOID Legonaries paper box... Ok now to the results of this evening:

As  you can see, I did not change  a lot the design of the previous owner of this mini.  However, I still basically repainted everything. For highlighting the black trench coat, I used dark see blue, which yields a much more interesting result than just using gray. 
Furthermore, I painted the energy sword with 5 layers of pure white because I want to do a glowing weapon effect...

Anyway, I want to nominate to paints for the COLORS OF THE EVENING
These two are really awesome recommondation from Jarhead's painting workshop -- MANY THANKS AGAIN, ROMAN!!! 
The Dark Sea Blue from Model Color (Vallejo) is becoming on of my most used paints because you can basically apply it as a shade for any color, always interesting. 
The other one is Glorious Gold from Game Color (Vallejo), the most brilliant gold I know, exactly as you imagine gold to be, as Hollywood does it! Just awesome, in particular in comparison to the crappy gold tones from GW, which I hated for so many years...

Ok enough bla bla for today. Tomorrow (if the gods want), I will apply the shading aka washes (and maybe some inks) to the officer in order to smooth everything nicely ;-) Finally, it will be time for the humming blue of the power weapon, so stay tuned!!!

Thursday, April 5, 2012

The Steel Legion Officer

Hi out there,

after finally finishing my thesis manuscript and submitting it, I strongly feel like painting something again! Already in the final energy draining days of writing, I had the vision of this skull masked Leutenant of Amageddon, no idea why.... ;-)

Anyway, since I love this mini, I decided to do a proper socket for it with a little diorama but see yourelf...

This is how I got the Steel Legion officer from ebay: quite ok tabletop level...

 This will be the first socket for me! (After the workshop with Jarhead...). I found this piece outside our home center. A little big maybe ;-)

Thereforem I cut out a piece with a hand saw (pretty tough this piece of wood). Then I used some gipsum and some pieces to create the raw scene: I am imagining that the officer is fighting in the nasty trench war and has just killed one ugly ork (see below)

 The whole scene is supposed to be in knee-deep mudd. Hence, I created some:

Next time, I will show you the result after it completely dried, so stay tuned! ;-)


Ok, I made some little progress: this is how it looks "mudded":

For the first time I have used real green stuff (not just the milliput stuff), and I made some guts ;-)

Time to start with the painting...

More soon...