Thursday, May 10, 2012

Death & Glory - Steel Legion Officer finished

It is a dark and rainy night. The whole battlefield is drowning in mudd. But the Orks do not care. Their crushing invasion is unbroken. The few remaining of the Steel Legion gather in the slipperly trenches for their last stand... Death & Glory! For the Emperor!

Finally, the first miniature after finishing my PhD! It was not easy during all the paper work, the defense and now the move to get this mini done and make pics.

Sorry for the not so great pics! Somehow my camera had severe problems with the light blue and the red. The sword comes out to bright. In reality there is some little lightning-like structure on the sword... Anyway on the pics it seems nicely glowing. :-) The red ist redder in reality...

I tried to give the Ork skin a more realistic look rather than the intense green that GW usually uses. Therefore I used mainly catachan and camo green and lightened with pink and bronze flesh. Hope you like it! Cheers!

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