Saturday, January 9, 2016

Bloodletters of Khorne -- The Demonkin are coming!!!


First unit of a new army finished!

This unit was supposed to be a quick one! So let's see:

- 5 min unclipping the bits
- 5 hours removing mold lines! WTF...
- 30 min assembling
- 30 min putting wire into their feet and putting on cork.
- 5 min priming with GW primer
- 1 hour airbrushing the skin tones
- 5 hours painting with brushes
- 2 hours doing the bases
- 30 min gluing onto the bases
- 30 min applying pigments

---> total: ~15 hours of work. I guess that is rather quick indeed. :-)

Played around with the airbrush here for the skin. Still not satisfied with the how the red turned out (not bright and strong enough) but it is good enough for a first unit. Let's see how the next one will go! Good thing about Chaos: skin tones can vary... ;-)

The bases do not come out in the photos at all. I used ForgeWorld Powder which seems to be difficult to photograph (similar to red colors ;-))