Saturday, August 1, 2015

Relic -- Painted my busts

Over the last months I had not a lot of time for painting and if at all then only incoherently...
This project was exactly the right for this period: very relaxed painting on very characterful sculpts on larger scale. I am talking about the busts from the Fantasy Flight Games board game Relic! In case you do not know it, I highly recommend to check it out! It is a lot of fun with a lot of Warhammer 40k grim atmosphere, perfect for a night with friends and some beers...

So there are 10 busts in the core game and this was is the art on their character sheets:

This nice painting was done by Ning over at Deviantart. For easier recognition of the miniature on the complex game board, I thought it is a good idea to try to paint the busts as in this art...

Here they are:

And this is how I painted them:

They exactly fit onto these Stabilo pens, which makes it very comfortable to paint the busts. I can not wait to buy the add-ons for Relic and paint more of these!

Happy painting and board gaming! :-)