About myself...and this blog


you might wonder, that the name of of this blog sounds kind of similar to the awesome Massive Voodoo! :-) But please, don't judge too hard on me: I chose the name not only because I love the "jungle"! But also because of 2 reasons: First I am working on objects called "super massive black holes" and second I love the song of Muse with exactly this name! ;-) 

for the really interested people: My way to and through the hobby of miniatures:

But first: I am an end-twenty astro physicist working in the wonderful little town of Kiel, in the very North of Kiel. Currently, I am trying to obtain my PhD and thus I should not have any free time for my hobbies, but hey! One needs some compensation from the exhausting brain work I am supposed to do every the whole time in front of the computer! (Yes also astronomers are supposed to work an do something useful ;-)). However, I think painting and tabletop-ing is exactlzy the right compensation and I love spending evenings painting freakish miniatures of all kinds.

I was introduced to the hobby or miniature gaming (Warhammer Fantasy) by a friend when I was like 14. Before I spend many years gluing and (not so well) painting lots of plastic airplanes. Thus, I was already familiar with the 'creative' process of modelling. Anyway, we were quite isolated in our little hometown (no Games Workshop in 50 km :-)). Thus, I painted quite some Orcs & Goblins but then my friend stopped gaming and that was it for some years...

My love-affair with miniatures only started again when I came to Kiel to start my studies in physics. Some friends overtalked me to give Warhammer 40k a try and after a short time I had quite a large horde of Tyranids (almost all bought on ebay -- I love buying used (and painted) stuff on ebay an 'restore/remake' it.). With the Tyranids I also gathered my first experience with modifying and customizing the miniatures. I will try to upload some pictures of my experiments later... However, as it turned out, Tyranids were quite boring to play in 4th edition and soon I was looking for an additional army. And as I love the bad and evil guys, I had to be corrupted by the Chaos: Alpha Legion was my first choice... And guess what: My friends (who always loved playing much more than painting) stopped playing... But meanwhile I had so much fun just customizing and painting sci-fi miniatures (and also terrain by the way) that I just continued (also during my 2 years in Chile, where miniatures are very unknown). Some results of that time and also new stuff you will find on this blog...