Sunday, March 18, 2012

What happened to the Necrons???


You probably remember the codex cover of the Necrons, 3rd edition:

These cold and horrifying machine warriors coming for you!! 

I saw directly the terminator movie in my mind, and I knew that this mysterious and evil race would be what I want to play...

I have been out of playing business since a while. Anyway some days ago, the new codex arrived to me. I mean, I knew all the stuff from the internet already, that they became like Khemri-40k and so on...
But when I looked at the new cover in real, this is what I saw:

Who the heck, decided that the "new" Necron lords have to wear bunny ears????!!!!

From a quick glance through the book, I feel that this new cover indeed matches the "new" Necrons much more...
However, let's if I change my mind after actually reading it ;-)


1st Legionaire read for combat

Finally, I managed to escape the thesis writing for some moments again, and finished the first legionaire:

four to go...


Friday, March 2, 2012

Legionaries ready for paint

Hi again,

one day later, more thesis writing, and...
after another hour and a half or so, all 5 legionaries of the Junkers are based an waiting now for some fresh paint on their used and bruised armors!

 I really love my Dremel, in particular for destroying stuff! This time, the defense shields of the legionaries have gotten some serious beating. "They really do not have that much money to get fresh shields for every mission, no?"

Tomorrow, painting...

Thursday, March 1, 2012


Oh, I almost forgot:

on Boston Big Picture, they got a post from Gerd Ludwig's docu:

"Long Shadow of Chernobyl" project"

 check it out!



The Convict Legionaries

Hi guys! Look what sweet treasure I just got from uncle ebay:

After a quite exhausting day of work, I thought that these old school Junker legionaries from VOID  are exactly the right thing to do!

And here they come to live (at least the first 2):

I think they match perfectly into our Nercomunda idea as mercenaries working for some concern or one of the underground traders...

The other 3 are left for tomorrow...

Good night!