Sunday, March 18, 2012

What happened to the Necrons???


You probably remember the codex cover of the Necrons, 3rd edition:

These cold and horrifying machine warriors coming for you!! 

I saw directly the terminator movie in my mind, and I knew that this mysterious and evil race would be what I want to play...

I have been out of playing business since a while. Anyway some days ago, the new codex arrived to me. I mean, I knew all the stuff from the internet already, that they became like Khemri-40k and so on...
But when I looked at the new cover in real, this is what I saw:

Who the heck, decided that the "new" Necron lords have to wear bunny ears????!!!!

From a quick glance through the book, I feel that this new cover indeed matches the "new" Necrons much more...
However, let's if I change my mind after actually reading it ;-)



  1. Lol! I agree with you.. I don't understand why Matt Ward and team felt it necessary to completely rethink the necron image. There was beauty in their utter simplicity in 3rd edition. So sad... I think you will be disappointed in the changes in fluff after reading.

  2. Yep! :-( At least the Forgeworld models leave us with some hope for fine Necrons...