Thursday, April 5, 2012

The Steel Legion Officer

Hi out there,

after finally finishing my thesis manuscript and submitting it, I strongly feel like painting something again! Already in the final energy draining days of writing, I had the vision of this skull masked Leutenant of Amageddon, no idea why.... ;-)

Anyway, since I love this mini, I decided to do a proper socket for it with a little diorama but see yourelf...

This is how I got the Steel Legion officer from ebay: quite ok tabletop level...

 This will be the first socket for me! (After the workshop with Jarhead...). I found this piece outside our home center. A little big maybe ;-)

Thereforem I cut out a piece with a hand saw (pretty tough this piece of wood). Then I used some gipsum and some pieces to create the raw scene: I am imagining that the officer is fighting in the nasty trench war and has just killed one ugly ork (see below)

 The whole scene is supposed to be in knee-deep mudd. Hence, I created some:

Next time, I will show you the result after it completely dried, so stay tuned! ;-)


Ok, I made some little progress: this is how it looks "mudded":

For the first time I have used real green stuff (not just the milliput stuff), and I made some guts ;-)

Time to start with the painting...

More soon...

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  1. I really like this. Steel legion, orks, trench war, all mounted on a big hunk of found scrap wood. Brilliant.