Sunday, September 30, 2012

First Necromunda (test) game

Hi all,

first of all, my excuses for my long absence on this blog. Work, travel, moving and changing "companies" do not leave any time for the hobby at the moment...

However, my friend and me managed to find a couple of hours in between to first get some black and brown priming (spray) onto our Necromunda terrain and then...

play the first (test) game of Necromunda with complete and newly created gangs (me Goliaths, him Delaque) using the new Necromunda terrain (and some of my old stuff from Warhammer 40k). The scenario was randomly selected -- and very suitably -- a Gang Fight, the first encounter between two fresh and green gangs who explore the surrounding slags...

Thick smelly fog wafts through the rusty and crumbled industrial complexes that lie ahead of either gang. They do not know yet what will expect them on this dim "day" in the Hive. Carefully they move forward through the steel forest     exertively listening to every sound in the ghostly silence...

The amount of action following in the next hours made me forget to take any further pictures...
Just a couple of highlights:
- The most massive Goliath ganger, Mutant Joe, fell from a height of 6 inch and hit the poor juve  Basti, who was squashed to death by the weight of Joe, while the latter remained completely unharmed. He just fled because his fellow ganger, Klaus, panicked and ran away when he saw how Basti was splattered...
- A heroic juve from the Delaques managed to kill a completely covered Goliath ganger in one shot (7+) -- with a stub gun! Only after he pinned even the Goliath heavy, this crude weapon malfunctioned...
- Before that the Goliath heavy, Sigi, used his heavy stubber to sieve one of the Delaque gangers while the latter was crossing a bridge. The poor Delaque did never recover from these wounds...

With two people dead and one crippled the Goliath Leader decided to bottle out in the last minute before his whole gang would have been beaten up. What a first (test) game...

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Necromunda - Terrain Slam - 4th with sand'n'dirt!

Dear all,

yesterday my friend an me managed to meet for the last hobby day in the next weeks (for me because I will travel to Japan for one month). While he was making a small experiment with one of the toy cars that I managed in one of the last posts...

... I managed to put some final details to my piece of terrain (sorry for the blurry pics!):

With this, we have finished construction of a total of 6 buildings. That  should be enough for some first small skirmishes! However, before that, we still have to finish off these terrain, namely some "dirtying" and finally painting...

First the dirtying: by this I mean adding some sand'n'dust to the corners and bases of the buildings. For this purpose, I mix the following together:

1. some earth from the garden (foreground, you can sort out the biggish pieces)
2. some sand/dirt from a city construction site (left bag)
3. some super-fine decoration sand (middle)
4. cheap black acrylic color (for painting inside walls, middle-right)
5. wood glue (rightish, Ponal)
6. water (green pot on the right)

One has to experiment a pit to hit the right consistency... also I dries out quite fast, so adding some water during longer sessions might be necessary.
One word of WARNING: if you try this at home be aware that the sand in this mixture screws your paint brush! So use only old brushes. The harder its hairs, the better...

And then apply!

This is how it looks after drying:


Sunday, August 19, 2012

Necromunda - Terrain Slam - III

Another evening of building past by last week and while my friend has finished  the construction of his (way smaller ;-)) piece of terrain,  mine is still missing its details...

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Necromunda - Terrain slam! - Part 1

Hi all,

I am back in Germany now and my life is a little messy at the moment, not much time for painting (apart from my hobby stuff being in a chaotic condition). However, you might remember that a friend of mine and me, we have this idea of playing Necromunda at some point in the far far future... The great thing is that he has a "hobby room", a fantastic place where we can go any time and bring our crazy ideas to live! And last week, there was one of these occasions!

Can you make out the two new buildings that my friend and me a "constructing" in this inspiring chaos? ;-)
These will be terrain pieces No 5 and 6, and we figured that with those we will have enough for some first Necromunda (test) games! Hopefully we will not find too many gaming-related "mistakes" in our constructions...

Happy building everyone!

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Cars, cars, cars...

Hi all,

if you are German maybe you saw the post on Brückenkopf about some cheap toy cars at one of our "1-Euro"-stores (TEDI) . The deal with those was that they have the right scale to be used with 40k or Necromunda! However, while this post appeared I was still in Chile and only now I got the chance to visit one of the TEDI stores... and they still had a few of these construction vehicles. And... look what else I found!

5 of these cars cost only something like 2 Euro! Okay, they are quite crappy in quality but as you can see they match perfect in scale and, very important, they are made of plastic (instead of the metal usually used for toy cars). Therefore, they will be very easy to "modify" and use for Necromunda terrain...


Wednesday, August 8, 2012

The Cabinet

Dear all, 

this is a new "feature" that I just added to the blog called "The Cabinet". It contains all my painted (and photographed) miniatures from recent times. It is basically just like my real cabinet(s), only that these are not placed anywhere at the moments (owing to my many moves...). I will try to keep this post updated with new miniatures, so that one can always see my "whole collection" with one glance! :-)

You can click on the captions below the pictures to go to the corresponding post of this model or unit with more pictures and information...



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