Wednesday, August 8, 2012

The Cabinet

Dear all, 

this is a new "feature" that I just added to the blog called "The Cabinet". It contains all my painted (and photographed) miniatures from recent times. It is basically just like my real cabinet(s), only that these are not placed anywhere at the moments (owing to my many moves...). I will try to keep this post updated with new miniatures, so that one can always see my "whole collection" with one glance! :-)

You can click on the captions below the pictures to go to the corresponding post of this model or unit with more pictures and information...



Necrons - Overview

Necron Immortals

Necron Wraiths

Death Guard:

Death Guard Terminators

Death Guard Unit 1

Death Guard Unit 2

Death Guard Unit 3

Death Guard Unit 4

Death Guard Rhino

Nurgle Plague Bearers


Overview of Hive Fleet Juggernaut



Necromunda - Goliaths:

Goliath Gang Part I

Goliath Gang Part II

Goliath Ganger - Mutant Joe

Imperial Guard:

Steel Legion Officer

Alpha Legion:

Alpha Legion Terminators

Alpha Legion Chaos Lord

Imperial Fists:

Aquilla Pilot

Chaos Space Marine Characters:

Iron Warriors Warsmith


The Groover - Reloaded

Deamonette 309

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