Thursday, August 23, 2012

Necromunda - Terrain Slam - 4th with sand'n'dirt!

Dear all,

yesterday my friend an me managed to meet for the last hobby day in the next weeks (for me because I will travel to Japan for one month). While he was making a small experiment with one of the toy cars that I managed in one of the last posts...

... I managed to put some final details to my piece of terrain (sorry for the blurry pics!):

With this, we have finished construction of a total of 6 buildings. That  should be enough for some first small skirmishes! However, before that, we still have to finish off these terrain, namely some "dirtying" and finally painting...

First the dirtying: by this I mean adding some sand'n'dust to the corners and bases of the buildings. For this purpose, I mix the following together:

1. some earth from the garden (foreground, you can sort out the biggish pieces)
2. some sand/dirt from a city construction site (left bag)
3. some super-fine decoration sand (middle)
4. cheap black acrylic color (for painting inside walls, middle-right)
5. wood glue (rightish, Ponal)
6. water (green pot on the right)

One has to experiment a pit to hit the right consistency... also I dries out quite fast, so adding some water during longer sessions might be necessary.
One word of WARNING: if you try this at home be aware that the sand in this mixture screws your paint brush! So use only old brushes. The harder its hairs, the better...

And then apply!

This is how it looks after drying:


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