Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Necromunda - Terrain slam! - Part 1

Hi all,

I am back in Germany now and my life is a little messy at the moment, not much time for painting (apart from my hobby stuff being in a chaotic condition). However, you might remember that a friend of mine and me, we have this idea of playing Necromunda at some point in the far far future... The great thing is that he has a "hobby room", a fantastic place where we can go any time and bring our crazy ideas to live! And last week, there was one of these occasions!

Can you make out the two new buildings that my friend and me a "constructing" in this inspiring chaos? ;-)
These will be terrain pieces No 5 and 6, and we figured that with those we will have enough for some first Necromunda (test) games! Hopefully we will not find too many gaming-related "mistakes" in our constructions...

Happy building everyone!

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