Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Is it Boba Fett? No! It is the darkest warsmith of the Warhammer 40k universe!

Dear all,

I promised you some study of used "true" metals and here it comes! Who would be better suited for used metals than the Iron Warriors?! first of all the super-evil warsmith himself! This is one of my absolute favorites of Games Workshop! I bought this model many years ago in a local store when the smart salesman assured me that this was one of the last blister for this guy because GW would take it out of production any moment... Now, I still see this model on GW's website. ;-) Good for you in case you want to do your own little "true used metal"-study ;-)

Anyway, I do not regret a single Euro I spend on this model -- one of the very few percent that I ever bought new and for the full price! ;-)

Ok, by now you have for sure figured that I am crazy for that warsmith although I do not intend to play Iron Warriors at all. The reason I am so freaked-out about it is that it was soooo much fun to paint! Right from the beginning, you know?! No boring paint steps, just some drybrushing and then direct start with interesting and creative glaces/washes... 10 hours of pure fun! But see youself:

Basically, I sticked to the "original" color scheme from GW because I really find it perfect. For the base, I thought of the red sands of Mars while painting... ;-)

So what do you think?

I will try to make two little tutorials in the next weeks about 1) how I did the metal and 2) how I did the yellow-black stripe pattern -- if anyone is interested...? :-)

Cheers & Happy Painting!

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