Monday, July 30, 2012

Used true metals...

Dear all, while painting my Iron Warriors warsmith, I made up my mind about painting a kind of interestingly looking "true" metal, i.e. using metallic paints. For these kind of things (among many other) CoolMiniOrNot is a great source of inspiration! You can see many many great examples of different effects achieved by the world's best miniature painters....

Using some of the best examples published this year, I made a little collection (All credits go to the painters, and I will have to add the right links to give proper credit):

All these very different displays of metal have in common that they used different colors to achieve a more interesting (and used) look for the various metallic parts. In addition, they used dark and light scratches to make it more interesting. One important thing is the "shiny/glossy--to--matt/dull" contrast that has been used increase the dynamic range or light to dark.

But see yourself  and get inspired! ;-)

Next time, I will show you how these inspired me to paint my Iron Warrior...

Until then, happy painting everyone!

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