Monday, July 30, 2012

Used true metals...

Dear all, while painting my Iron Warriors warsmith, I made up my mind about painting a kind of interestingly looking "true" metal, i.e. using metallic paints. For these kind of things (among many other) CoolMiniOrNot is a great source of inspiration! You can see many many great examples of different effects achieved by the world's best miniature painters....

Using some of the best examples published this year, I made a little collection (All credits go to the painters, and I will have to add the right links to give proper credit):

All these very different displays of metal have in common that they used different colors to achieve a more interesting (and used) look for the various metallic parts. In addition, they used dark and light scratches to make it more interesting. One important thing is the "shiny/glossy--to--matt/dull" contrast that has been used increase the dynamic range or light to dark.

But see yourself  and get inspired! ;-)

Next time, I will show you how these inspired me to paint my Iron Warrior...

Until then, happy painting everyone!

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Man with a mission - The stranded Imperial Aquila Pilot of the Imperial Fists

Hi all,

this is the first soldier of my new Imperial Fists chapter - and who would match better than the stranded Imperial Pilot from the 4th Edition Starter Box?! He is carrying the genetic heritage of his fallen comrades to safety, so that new proud and more  powerful soldiers can be created! He has a long way ahead through this wasteland, being injured from the ship's crash. However, he is strong in will and will guard this important cargo with his life. May the emperor be with him!

And once more on CMON:

Cheers and happy painting! I am going to be off one week (on Easter Island... ;-))

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Alpha Legion Chaos Lord

Finaaaally finished! This is as good as I can do at the moment (or at elast how muhc patience I have ;-)). Something like 12 hours...

As you can see, I did a little freehand,  after a long time. And I tried to make the daemonic weapon glow in evil green light! ;-)

Hope you like it!

Comments very welcome, as always!

And of course rate-able on CMON as well:


P.S.: After that one, now I will do a little quick and dirty project.... ;-)