Sunday, November 30, 2014

Black Legion Dreadnought

Hi, here a two day quicky from Forge World...

Traitor Legion Vindicator OCC-F8

REPORT $233/15-4955-00012A: Subject -- Salvaged Vindicator "OCC-F8" (?)

This Vindicator Mark II tank was found after the battle at the Gladis Gate on the outer rim world Sepherus Secundus. It bears the mark of the traitor legions and is coded as "OCC-F8" (?).

Apparently it was abounded by its crew after taking a fatal melter hit on the right side of the tank. Codex Command recommends to melt down this tank completely owing to its likely severe infection through the Chaos. Sergeant Elotha has not executed the command yet but disintegration is scheduled for tomorrow.

UPDATE 345.67: The origin of this vehicle and how it could be obtained and used by the traitor legions remains unclear. Eye witness reports from the previous battles at Fenris Stone, Simularth Valley, and the ambush of Gladis Road match the description of this vehicle. These reports state its destruction through the Grey Knights on two of these. If true the vehicle must have been recovered and repaired each time, which indicates that the traitor legions have sufficient knowledge and resources for maintain this siege weapon of the Astartes.

UPDATE 345.79: This information should be transferred to Grey Knight Command immediately.

UPDATE 346.32: Grey Knight Techpriests have inspected the vehicle and made a 60% identification with one of the Vindicators that were captured and stolen by the Alpha Legion during the chemical raids on Kastor VII twenty three imperial years ago. Immediate disintegration order has been repeated.

UPDATE 346.50: Seargent Elotha does not respond and is not in his office. Penalty order #337 issued.

UPDATE 347.09: Vindicator tank "OCC-F8" (?) disappeared from the vehicle park OT-45. Partol unit has been found dead. Seargent Elotha is still missing. Awaiting orders from Codex Command.


This is my first miniature in a while and the first vehicle also that I used airbrush for. As you can see on the work-in-progress pictures below, I used the salt-hairspray technique to do the chipped paint effect. Furthermore, I used pigments for some dirt and smog effects. By the way the inspiration for the colour scheme came from the following:

I have to admit that I failed on the blue but as you can see below it was much bluer before I starting scrubbing of the paint/salt...