Thursday, April 12, 2012

Steel Legion Officer - Painting

Today, I did a quick and relaxed after work & beer painting session focusing on the officer. But first, I used 2 minutes of my time for something that I wanted to do since a long while: I build a miniature cork & brush holder... ;-)
For this purpose, I used the old VOID Legonaries paper box... Ok now to the results of this evening:

As  you can see, I did not change  a lot the design of the previous owner of this mini.  However, I still basically repainted everything. For highlighting the black trench coat, I used dark see blue, which yields a much more interesting result than just using gray. 
Furthermore, I painted the energy sword with 5 layers of pure white because I want to do a glowing weapon effect...

Anyway, I want to nominate to paints for the COLORS OF THE EVENING
These two are really awesome recommondation from Jarhead's painting workshop -- MANY THANKS AGAIN, ROMAN!!! 
The Dark Sea Blue from Model Color (Vallejo) is becoming on of my most used paints because you can basically apply it as a shade for any color, always interesting. 
The other one is Glorious Gold from Game Color (Vallejo), the most brilliant gold I know, exactly as you imagine gold to be, as Hollywood does it! Just awesome, in particular in comparison to the crappy gold tones from GW, which I hated for so many years...

Ok enough bla bla for today. Tomorrow (if the gods want), I will apply the shading aka washes (and maybe some inks) to the officer in order to smooth everything nicely ;-) Finally, it will be time for the humming blue of the power weapon, so stay tuned!!!

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