Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Treasures of a surprise bit box

Hi all,

I recently bought a sweet large box full of bits and miniatures of all kind without knowing exactly what I would find inside. I can only say it was totally worth it!

I would like to share some of its treasures and curiosities with you:

What is the name of this beautiful model of a hell hound??? And what manufacturer? Is it GW? Anyone knows?

 This is a really cool objective marker. Who ever did it, my congrats to this simple but epic idea! :-) I would call it "Until Death and beyond. We are SPACE MARINES!"

This nasty guy with the large ugly hands is also a real treasure. He will nicely fit into the Necromunda World...

Similar, this traitor guard looks like coming from a Circus of Chaos directly. Very nice conversion!

And then there is this weird part of an Ork air plane or something. It is full metal! So as heavy as a complete army of plastic orks!

Then, there is this resin part, which looks like the leg armor plat of a titan. Where does it come from?

Finally, we have a pair of legs from some kind of walker. Its nature is completely obscure to me. But the metal will be worth some dollars in the next decade, I'll bet! ;-)

More in the next days!


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  2. It's not hell hound but Rackham's Dirz tiger, Sweet model indeed.

    And the "ork plane" and the legs are both parts of Imperial Hurricane walker from oldie Warzone range :)

    -Grumpy Old Fart Demi Who Likes Old Stuff-

    1. Hey cool, thanks a lot for enlightening me! :-)

    2. Just do me a favour and paint the walker:
      I sold mine, just couldn't find a strangth to face that monster ;)