Thursday, September 21, 2017

Death Guard -- Good old Typhus

Now that they new model for Typhus is coming out it was really highest time to finish up the old model, which was sitting in my cabinet on the in-progress shelf for quite a while! 

At the same time, this is the last of the old miniatures, the last pre-Primaris Space Marine, that I am going to paint! The end of an era. Now, I will fully concentrate on the new amazing range of Death Guard models. Let's see how long it will take me until the new Typhus will be finished. Would be fun to see them right next to each other...


  1. Just went through your entire blog, really enjoyed it. Any chance of an update on what you've done since?

    1. Happy to hear! Indeed I have finished the first squad of new Death Guard in the meantime. Unfortunately, it will still take two weeks until I can post them because I am currently travelling. Cheers!