Sunday, April 22, 2018

The first Heretic? -- True Scale Black Legion Chaos Space Marine

Hi all,

I guess, I am not the only one who is craving for new, "true scale" Chaos Space Marine miniatures for all the Legions after the new Death Guard came out. This craving for the Dark Gods overcame me so it did for this Primaris Space Marine? Is he the first (Primaris) Heretic? Or is this how Chaos Space Marines "always" looked like? You decide!

Here some family portrait (size comparison) pics with an (old) World Eater and the (new) Death Guard.

Isn't he cute, this little gnome of a World Eater?! But careful! He bites...;-)

This one is very telling...

Finally, Chaos Space Marines are represented in all their ~2.4m glory!

Here some WIP pics:

This is the first time, that I try to do something "serious" with Green Stuff. So please let me know if you have any good advise for me!



  1. Found your blog though this blogpost (too) deep in Google. This guy looks excellent. In like how you worked with the raised armor bits into your design rather than just cutting them away. The greenstuffing looks really good for the most part. Looking at the painted mini everything comes together nicely. Personally I think the chaos symbol would have looked better being slightly sharper. But really this is a convincing true scale Black Legion marine. Good job! Hope you share more.