Sunday, March 3, 2013

Damned ones of gluttony - Unboxing and basing

Hi again,

what could be a better way to restart  than with a gift from a very nice friend?! Many thanks again for these two ugly guys and big regards to Texas!

So these sweet couple, the damned ones of gluttony, from Hell Dorado are now produced by Cipher Studios and available again for everyone with a slight "nuglish" taste... ;-)
Since I saw the interpretation by Jarhead on CMON, I knew I had to have these one day myself! And one trip to Texas and a nice visit later, here they are! ;-)

So let's unbox!

The miniatures come in a really high-quality paper box with two game cards as well. As you can see, the fat guy has to be assembled while the slim one only needs his tongue glued...

One thing that annoyed me quite a bit at both miniatures is a prominent mold line running straight through the highly detailed faces of both minis!
Even worse, there is a slight displayement between both sides, which makes it really problematic to fix this. Regarding the awesomes sculptes and otherwise superb details of these miniatures, I hope I only had bad luck with my box! Would be a pity if this occurs more often...
However, I did my best with some little cutters...

Then, assembling the fat one...

As you can see (hopefully on this aweful pics), the pieces do not match together very well and quite some gaps remain...

But hey! There is nothing you cannot fix with some green stuff! ;-)

And here they are based already!

Since, I am totally into Warhammer 40k (and Nurgle in particular), I decided for sci-fi styled bases (sorry all you Hell Dorado fans out there! I am sure that world is also awesome :-)) In any case, I only did very simple bases using mainly these hexagon building kits. I think the minis themselves will draw quite some attention, so no need for too much fanciness on the bases. ;-)

Finally, black priming followed with zenithal white prime and voila! Ready to be painted...

But not until next time! :-)

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