Sunday, April 7, 2013

Necromunda Terrain Slam - 5th: Small pieces

HI all,

this weekend I visited once more my friend for a full-day session of terrain building for Necromunda. This time I concentrated on small pieces of terrain like bridges and sight blockers, but see yourself:

The bridges:

Priming in black and then some brown and grey spraying...

What could one build with these little crappy toy cars?

A barricade of course!

 And finally some industrial stuff...

The morning after...


  1. Is that the pegasus "hex" terrain? Got my eye on a chemical plant.

  2. Yes, that is right! It seems that this terrain has been sold through different companies. The used parts are mainly from the Hexagon platformer and chemical plant sets (the only ones I could still buy somewhere online a while ago...). Cheers!

  3. Man you are an absolute beast at making terrain there my friend. I stand in complete awe. The barricade and the gantries are my favorites. But they are all so dang fin. My hat is off to you man. Now maybe if I stare at the pictures long enough maybe you're skills will rub off on me.

    1. Hehe, thanks a lot! Doing these is really not difficult: the secret is that you need a big and good box of bits. All you have to do then is have a beer or wine and glue everything together ;-)