Wednesday, April 3, 2013

First miniature finished in 2013! -- Goliath juve

Dear all,

I know it is a shame -- but better later than never! Here comes finally my first miniature of 2013:
a Necromunda Goliath juve, a rather "quick" and dirty paint job of a few hours only (still took me weeks... ;-))

After taking the pictures, uploading and cutting them, I realized that I had forgotten the rust pigments! I am really out of shape! ,-)
Sorry for that but I will do new pictures once all my Goliath reinforcements are done...

Cheers and happy painting!


  1. Great job!

    Really like to see EM4 minis painted, also I made my Goliaths basing only on EM4 savages range =]


  2. Would that base put the Juve in constant partial cover? ?

    1. Hehehe, yep this was my intention when building the base! ;-) No seriously, such bases are for "advanced" players who can ignore the base when determining the line of sight. My friend and me are pretty relaxed with this. Our major fun in the game is to create some cool cineastic stories...