Monday, August 20, 2018

New bulkheads and barricades for the underhive

Since, I saw the new Necromunda terrain pieces, I had the strong urge to get my fingers dirty on them. And dirty they got indeed :-))) Well mostly, because I decided to reactive my airbrush after a year of hiatus or so. But see for yourself:

OK, first I had some excessive workout with all my favorite hobby tools (Dremel, Clipper, and friends), before glueing on some ultra-fine sand (to simulate large scale rust), and finally attaching some pieces of cardboard for better handling during the airbrushing...

After a good black priming, they were ready for a paint session with first some Scorched Brown and Boltgun Metal airbrushing that then was followed up with my favorite colour (Bestial Brown) applied thinned and generously (as an ink). For rust I always take Blazing Orange. Finally some little detail work and Boltgun highlighting and that's it:

The painting took all in all 5 hours. Roughly twice as long as I thought so the session went on quite a bit into the night. But I had to finish them for an upcoming game. So that's why there was no time to go fancy with hazard stripes, real graffiti and so on. But hey, I have another set of those lying around and these will be done properly... ;-)

Until then, keep the brushes tight!

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