Monday, August 20, 2018

Run for cover, Mad Donna is back!

D'onne Astride Ge'Sylvanus of the House of Ulanti. Not many know this name, and even less people live long enough to tell it to somebody else. But yep, Mad Donna is actually a nobledam from the Spire! Hard to believe, right?! Such a crazy bi... Oh eehhm, neverminde. I, eh, I, uhm, have to go now...

As a hardcore Necromunda fan, of course, there was no way around this miniature for me! And since GW briught back this classic for a short time, I was obliged. Anyway, I am honestly not so much into this Wildcat colour schemes. So instead, I borrowed one from another (anti=)hero, Harley Quinn, from Suicide Squad.

First, they are similar in character, craaaaz.... , ehm, uhm. Yeah, and its a really cool character, so huh, here we go.

Hope you like my interpretation and little homage.
Stay sharp and keep clear of these air ducts!

P.S.: Maybe a bit hard to see but I was trying out these new fluorescent paints from Vallejo Model Colour. In this case the orange and red mixed on the plasma pistol. Not sure yet about those paints. So please let me know if you have any experience with fluorescent paints yet!

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  1. She's hot!
    Great work - mine is still waiting in the pile ov shame for some care ;-)