Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Necromunda -- Toxic Slag Miners -- The new gang -- Greens

From the gas mine revolts, this gang of desperate (and slightly crazy) convicts managed to break out and dissapear into the underhive. These outlaws dont have are called the Toxic Slag Miners.

And they have a determined and steel-willed leader!:

And here comes the technician of our toxic miner gang. He is an expert for all kinds of gases and toxics, and he loves to test these on his enemies.

Next up is Ramirez, the scout, sniper and demolitions expert of the team.

Then we have one of the crazy gus: Call name "The accident" - Close combat specialist with self-made electro whip

Another Toxic Slag Miner specialist with custom heavy nail cannon. A few of the nails can be seen on the base.

Since he lost his legs to this acid pool this toxic slag miner became somehow careless for his life. Maybe thats why he joined the revolt?

Another toxic slack miner. He is the second hand of the leader forwarding his commands to the frontline. A really tough guy with a tough past and thus a tough attitude. ;-) This guy was actually the first model, the prototype, for this gang.

And finally, here comes the boot hill of the Toxic Slag Miner gang.

Can't wait to paint these guys!


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