Tuesday, February 5, 2019

Necrons Rebooted -- Making of the skull bases with BlueStuff and Acrylic Resin

Hi again,

here another little article on how I employed some new techniques for the creation of my rebooted Necrons:

Before, the first Necron Warriors can be assembled and send onto their first purge, some scenic bases matching my "Terminator" scheme need to be build. So: skulls! Many skulls! That is of course also very Grim Dark and thus matching for Warhammer 40k!

Fortunately, nowadays it is easy to obtain many skulls! One of the most genial boxes that GW released last year (or so) was the skull box with hundreds of (not only human) skulls! Absolutely love it!!
One side note: While this box is absolutely awesome and even competitively priced compared to resin or metal skulls from other companies, one thing that they do not mention are the 5+ hours of removing mold lines from each skull! This is a work that can drive a hobbyist really crazy!!! Fortunately, for me I had some help with this tedious task....

OK, so the theme for the bases is simple: destroyed imperial city (so much rubble) and skulls (and some other bones for good measure... ;-)).

Now I had 10 fine bases but I need many, many more! Possibly more than thee are skulls in this little awesome GW box?! Also gluing individual skulls is a quite tedious work it turns out!

So, here comes my idea: why not use the amazing Blue Stuff and Acrylic Resin from GreenStuffWorld to duplicate these 10 bases? Or actually even triplicate...

And here we go:

1. To make a mold of only the terrain on-top of the base (and not the plastic base itself -- of which I have plenty and thus save on both Blue Stuff and Acrylic Resin), we need to prepare our bases into a form and cover the plastic with some material (in my case Play Doh). For this purpose I find LEGO very convenient, and it always makes me smile when I take out these stones with which I played already when I was 3 years old...

2.  Next, we heat the Blue Stuff making it really hot because it is a lot of surface to cover and it becomes not workable really quickly.

3. Remove the Blue Stuff  from the bases and the Play Doh. And now the casting can begin! It split the 10 bases in three smaller mixtures of Acrylic Resin because the latter also becomes unworkable very quickly.

4. Remove the cases "bases", rework and glue to the plastic bases:

5. Prime everything and ready (for the minature)!

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