Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Necrons Rebooted -- First Necron Warrior Unit -- Assembly & Painting

Fellow Necron Lords!

After all the experiments with new materials and preparations being completed, it is time to start with the production of the bodies for my eternal servants!

First shall be a unit of humble Warriors.

The longest (and most tedious) part of the assembly was actually the removal of the mold lines of all the parts, followed by the fixing of the part mismatches after gluing things together. Here, one really feels the age of the venerable Necron warrior kit (almost as if it could indeed be 60 million years old! ;-))

Anyway, also the painting should be relatively fast with my new scheme.

To start with there is no annoying priming with a wasteful and inaccurate spray can outside in the cold winter's wind! Instead, I go directly with the gloss black base from AK interactive applied by airbrush:

It is good when it is really glossy and shiny! The more, the better for the mirror effect of the chrome paint! In fact, the Warriors do not appear really black in the above photo because of the gloss...

Now, time for the "super-advanced near-indistructable and self-repairing metal alloy"...

... which consists of first Xtreme Metal Chrome (above) followed by some Blue Metal accents (below).

Now, the Warriors are ready for the detail work to be done by paint brush...

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