Monday, March 4, 2019

Quicky: Shader comparison: Army Painter Quickshade Strong Tone versus Agrax Earthshade


just a "quicky" this weekend (while I am still working on finishing the first Necron Warrior unit):

A comparison of the Army Painter Quickshade Strong Tone with the "classical" shade, in this case, Agrax Earthshade from GW. Test subject is a toxic zombie from Zombicide (awesome boardgame by the way!):

Strong Tone is the medium strength of the Quickshades of Army Painter, and also the first of these Quickshades that I ever tried. Here my experience: As recommended, I have indeed dipped the zombie inside the pot wholly (after shaking the tin thoroughly of course). I was surprised how thick and opaque the paint inside is! After taking the zombie back out, I had the feeling that it was covering too strong and too much paint had stick to the miniature. But I decided to trust the instructions and just removed some excess paint, pooling in certain places (for example around the feet) before letting it dry over night. The above image shows the result. I have to say that it really settled well in all the crevices and left excesses only in very few places. So that is quite nice. Something that I completely overlooked though, is that it dries very glossy! (The recommendation is to spray with some matt satin varnish after.) You can see this in the above image in comparison to the Agrax Earhshade which is much more subtle, after one layer at least, but much "matter" (does this word exist in English?).

So in conclusion, the Quickshade works as promised but certainly has its (prominent) perks, making it not really suitable for my needs (at the moment at least). Anyway, alternatively, one can apply the Quickshade also with paint brush (maybe thin it down a little), so I might do some more experiments to see what it might be "abused for" (One thing that immediately jumps to my mind is to use it as "oily liquids" in our Necromunda Underhive... ;-)).

And with this, happy experimenting out there!

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