Monday, March 18, 2019

Shadowspear -- Size comparisons -- Chaos Troops

Hi again, 

after building the most amazing new Chaos miniatures of the Shadowspear box, of course I could not resist to make some size comparison pictures:

1. The Greater Possessed in comparison to the Primaris Space Marines:

As you can see they are indeed even bigger than Primaris Marines.

The next picture shows a comparison to one random "normal" Possessed.

In the above picture, the lines in the background mark the length of one centimetre. One the far right, is the Black Legion Chaos Space Marine converted  from a Primaris Marine in  Mk X Tacticus Power Armour.

2. The new Obliterators in comparison to the old ones:

Obviously, the new models is much larger and even bulkier. But interestingly, the head stayed almost on the same height level.

Here you can see how the Obliterators give some heat to some poor Primaris:

And the proper comparison with scale in the background:

3. Chaos Space Marines in power armour.

First of an image showing the evolution of the Chaos Space Marines over the last ~20 years:

From left to right: A "classical" Marine as we used (and loved) them over the years, next a Marine from the Dark Vengeance box, then in the middle the one from the Blackstone Fortress, then the new one from Shadowspear and finally a Primaris-sized one.

Interestingly, the biggest jump in size appears to have happened with the Dark Vengeance Marines from many years ago! Then the one from Blackstone Fortress is just marginally bigger and gave us an outlook at the new scale of the Chaos Marines.
So, not surprisingly, the Shadowspear Chaos Marines are the same size.

Unfortunately, this means that they are still significantly shorter than the Primaris Marines, which are basically "true-scale" sized, and what I would have loved to see. That also leaves them somewhat smaller than their Deathguard cousins (this is a bit hard to see below though, sorry!):

Here some more combinations:

1. Power armour: oldest versus "how they should be":

2. Adding in the Shadowspear Marines, which are going to be the new standard for the next decade, I guess...

From the back, Shadowspear versus Primaris:

Let's have a look at the heroes:

From left to right: Classical, Fabius Gallus, the villain from Dark Vengeance, Blackstone Fortress, Shadowspear, and Primaris scale at the end.

Some more heroes, namely good old Huron and the new outrageous Kharn:

It is hard to see in the image because of his leaning pose, but the new Kharn is actually Primaris scale! You can see this by checking the length of his limbs and so on....

For completeness, here the comparison of the Venomcrawler to Primaris:

And finally a little "family portrait" of all the new units:

To conclude: the new sizes of the Obliterators and basically the Possessed sit very well with me, while I wished the new Chaos Marines in Power Armour to be a bit bigger. Now, given the Obliterators and new, fancy Abaddon's size one could wonder how new Chaos Terminators would be sized. The new artwork (featuring Abaddon) together with some of the unsolved spoiler from the Daemon machine also gives hope that they might be around the corner. We will see soon I guess...

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