Thursday, March 21, 2019

How big are the new Chaos Terminators?

Hi there!

Just a mid-week quicky: GW published a few images of the new Chaos Terminators, and I immediately asked myself, "how big are they?" Are they scale-up in any way? Maybe even Abaddon size?

Let's sse:

First old vs new:

Turns out they are almost the same size! :-( I was hoping for some significant scale-up to bring them closer to "true scale", but looks like this did not happen.

This leaves them also much smaller than Abaddon, who was also wearing a terminator armour if I remember correctly?!

I moved the Terminator up a bit to match the level of the boots, i.e., taking into account that Abaddon stands on quite some rubble (and a Primaris Lieutneant ;-)).

Well, too bad...

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