Sunday, January 5, 2020

Building the Untamed Beasts from Warcry

Hello everyone,

after playing one round of Warcry at my friends place, I was immediately (and completely) hooked! What a simple, elegant, and fun game! And fast and compact. Perfect, if you do not have a lot of time/space!

"Unfortunately", my friend took the Iron Golems for himself, so I found myself in the challenge of creating an Untamed Beast gang to my liking. I have to say that while I like a lot the dynamical sculpts of the Untamed Beasts, I am not a big fan of their outfit/design. Found it not fully consistent with the metal helmets kind of between savage and classical chaos marauders.

But then looking more at all the bones, I had the idea: what if this warband would not use any metal things? Only bone! Bone is magical, full of life force of the creatures that the bones once belonged to! That would also be the opposite of the Iron Golems! My Untamed Beasts would despise metal! Cold, dead, without power.

In addition, I thought that my Untamed Beasts would come from the hot unmerciful savanna, so less fur! And here we have our concept!

Ah, one thing: I do not like GW putting everybody so many weapons, at least one per hand, and huge! So I had to reduce this too.

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