Wednesday, January 1, 2020

Painting the Zombicide (Classic Core Box) Survivors & Abomination

Happy new year everybody!

Since a very long time, I planned to paint the survivors from the awesome Zombicide Game.  A few weeks ago, I finally got to it! Obviously, I had start with the survivors from the initial core game!

First, I wanted to give them 'proper' bases to help distinguish them more easily from the zombies (which I am painting as well).

Then, I cleaned them and primed them, with black from underneath and white from the top (not shown):

My personal challenge for the painting of the survivors was to paint them as close to the artwork as possible.

And here are the results for the first four:




And Amy:

And one of my absolute favorite sculpts of the Zombicide Game:

(I swear that I did not see the nasty mold line on the back of the Abomination until it was too late, face palm)

Does this remind you of a famous TV series?

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