Friday, May 20, 2011

The Anti - Watchmaker

Hi there!

Right now I am searching for bits, all kinds of bits I could use for the industrial filth of Necromunda and its inhabitants.
So I found this watch, and I once read somewhere in one of these nice miniature blogs, that a watch can contain nice little parts for bases and conversions. So, I decided to undo the watch. :)
But not as a proper watchmaker, no here at Super Massive Beast we only care for miniatures... (evil laughter).
First, how to open such a damn thing?! No, screws no nothing...? But of course google helps: A sharp knive you use to get rid of the plate on the back:

Hm, not much inside! But with some accurate violence and a cutter, after 1-2 more minutes I get the following new bits:

Especially, those little cute cog wheels!

Now, I need another watch...

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