Friday, May 27, 2011

Goliaths - Basing process started...

Hi there,

during the week there was not much time for hobbies so far. But eventually, I managed starting to base the Goliath gang. First, I did the leader:  For this I tried to change the position of one leg and one arm. Unfortunately,the metal is quite difficult to work with. Thus, I mainly srewed the back of the mini. To disguise my failure, I put a bolter on his back :-)

The others were kind of similar: I did only small modifications to change the position they are standing: as for the heavy. Later, I will use some milliput green stuff equivalent to fill up the notches (from the cutting). These are the 5 first gang members:
Of course, this is only the raw build, the details here will be added later, like dirt, dust and empty bolt shells...

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