Friday, August 12, 2011

Army Showcase: Hive Fleet Juggernaut

Just to show you that I actually also paint (at least some of) the models I buy:
Here is Hive Fleet Juggernaut, my first 40k army. The reason that made me change from Warhammer Fantasy (and my beloved old Orcs & Goblins). Of course this army is heavily inspired by Starship Troopers and of course the just awesome Hive Fleet Moloch (from Marco Schulze - can't find his website at the moment, sorry...). It was the latter where I first saw the idea of building these "mini dioramas" on game size bases...

Anyway here comes the warp shadow of Juggernaut:

Sorry for the quite bad pics! I was trying to do my best, but somehow they did not turn out very well... :-( Please let me know if you found a way to make acceptable pictures of whole armies!!!

Anyway, I will make & upload pictures of  individual models or units in the near future...

Hope you like Hive Fleet Juggernaut!

P.S.: As it turned out at least with the 4th edition codex, Tyranids were pretty boring to play! And I hated to move all these models onto and then over the table, just to remove 90% of them before they reached the enemy -- in most cases the hateful Dark Angels of my longtime enemy! This is also why there are some Dark Angel victims as decoration on the bases. although the dark green did give a very poor contrast with the green carprice of the Tyranids! Anyway, it was worth it! ;-)

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