Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Daemonette 309 - Jar's painting class for beginners...


last weekend I had an awesome time at "Jar's painting class for beginners" in Hannover. It was my first time ever at such a workshop in my dozen years of painting experience, and I learned a lot a lot! And while it was very intense it was always kind of relaxed and a lot of fun too! Really recommendable!

However, it is not a secret that since some time, the first miniature too paint at this worksop is a deamonette. The cool thing: One gets (apart from colors and paint brush) basically everything you need to build the mini including a complete designed cabinet base. But of course you  do everything yourself, so here are the wip pics of the weekend:

These are the parts for the daemonette...
 And here she assembled
 And the finished assembled base, a sci-fi trash pile. What else should I have done? I love rust!

Mini on its base ready to be base coated...

base-coated first with black and then with white from the upper angles
 Time to start painting... This time a new style, just explained from Jar:

And this is how my wet palette looked like after this layer
 Time to think, about the color scheme for the mini itself... Luckily, Roman aka Jar brought quite some inspiration... :-) The "women" on the left gave me my inspiration, just saw it and new I had to try something like that. I am talking just the colors of course!!! ;-)
 Here we go...
And now the details...
How she looks finished, I will show you next time! ;-)

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