Sunday, November 17, 2019

Necromunda -- The Faces of the Corpse Grinder Cult

Welcome to Hive City of Arcos! This Hive City is most famous for its exquisite and delicious meat cuts, most of which are only produced here!

This is mostly thanks for our Corpse Guild which does an amazing job lately. They managed to raise the production numbers within the last month despite the meat reserves being low! Even, the great Lord Helmawr appreciated that and gave us his commendations!

Never mind if you see some graffiti in the lower levels of Arcos. And nevermind the screaming. These are just the workers trying to chat over the sound of their chain saws. Really everything is alright! Actually apart from the screaming some sector are very quiet lately...

A Corpse Grinder Cult?! The Lord of Skin and Sinew? What are you talking about? Everything is in order here! Just go down and talk to some of the workers. They are working very hard indeed for the wellbeing of the whole hive, even the whole of Necromunda!

Madmen? Heretics? Cannibals?!!! What it the matter with you? How dare you saying things like these? We are all true servant to the God Emperor, may he be blessed forever! Just look at the faces of these hard-working and devout men!

Can you smell this? Aren't you hungry? How about some fresh and tasty meat? Here, we usually serve it still warm....

Blessed be the Lord of Skin and Sinew! Givet us the strength and wisdom to be good citizens of Arcos!

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