Wednesday, December 4, 2019

How big is... The new Chaos Space Marine Sorcerer -- Size Comparison

Hi all,

I assume you love the new Chaos Space Marine Sorcerer model as much as I do! Really a nice little gem that GW brought us there so close to Christmas!

Obviously, the important question is now: How tall is this guy? Is he truly heroic for a Chaos Space Marine? Possibly even as tall as a Primaris?

Well, the answer is...

So, while he makes the classical sorcerers look like a child, he is not taller than a "normal" new Chaos Space Marine, and thus still not Primaris scale.... buh! Well, well, some little conversion will be needed to make this guy a proper Chaos (anti)-hero...

Interesting also the new Sorcerer backpack, which looks very similar to the classic one but is actually quite a bit narrower!

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