Thursday, December 26, 2019

Kill Team -- Rogue Trader -- Elucidian Starstriders build

Merry Christmas everybody (or rather: long live the eternal Emperor!)

I hope you have some relaxed time these holiday season! I am using this time to catch up with some of my hobby documentation on this blog (if you follow me on Instagram, you know how far behind I am!).

So first off: Here are the Elucidian Starstriders that I have finally managed to build.

When I first saw them, I have to admit, I did NOT love them, at all! Too retro, too classical 2D the poses. That kept me from buying the box for a long time. Only when I struggled so much to get the Gellerpox part of the Rogue Trader box on Ebay for a reasonable price, I decided: What the heck, let's give them a chance and buy the box.

And now that I saw them in 3D, I have to say, I like them much more. Just a few little repositioning was necessary:

First, the Lectro-maester Larsen van der Grauss with his super static super old school pose. I guess GW did this on purpose? Anyway, fortunately, there was this inspirational artwork that better encompasses is fearless curiosity, so I did this slight reposing accordingly.

Then, we have heavy weapon specialist Grell, one of the voidsmen. He just needed a little head direction change:

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