Saturday, December 28, 2019

How big are... Blackstone Fortress Escalation -- Size Comparison


To finish off the interesting characters from Blackstone Fortress, here the new characters from the Escalation box in size!

First the explorers:

Neyam Shai Murad, Rogue Trader:

Neyam is good company for Janus Drake:

Gotfred de Montbard: Crusader from Escalation

Although I love the pose of the 'classical' Crusader model from the Daemonhunters, I have to say that the 'updated' Gotfred is more impressive:

Aradia Madellan, Primaris Psyker:

Compared to the classical Primaris Psyker model:

Daedalosus, Technoarchaeologist

And compared to the older Techpriest sculpts from Forgeworld and from the Imperial Guard

X-101, Servitor

Impressive dude!

And here the new Firebrand Cultists :

The last guy with the lance flamer is particularly impressive, a massive guy!

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