Saturday, November 16, 2019

Unboxing Necromunda Dark Uprising

Hi all,

This morning punctual as usual the postman brought me this little early Christmas gift:

GW did not lie, the box is huge! Here comparison with the previous Necromunda core box:

And the box is full to the rim with sprues!

These are the terrain frames:

In particular, there are six types of the new Zona Mortalis sprues

The great news: these frames are the full quality GW (not the quality of those produced in China)!!!

 So there is this frame x6:

The others are all 2x:

The last frame which is for the doors is there only once:

Then, there are the miniatures of course:
3x the corpse grinder cult frame
2x the new subjugator enforcer frame
1x the "old" palantine enforcer frame

Here the new frames: Corpse Grinder Cult

There are many cool heads in the above frame.

The Subjugators:

Here the other things in the box:

Part of it is a two-sided playing matt. It is not made out of cardboard as previously but out of some flexible plastic.

More details will follow!


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