Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Blackstone Fortress Chaos Troops Size Comparison

Greetings to all the super accurate miniature lovers out there!

 I guess most of us agree that the new Blackstone Fortress Box miniatures are awesome sculpts (with lots of conversion potential).

However, those how have visited my blog before, know that I have a weakness for accurate scales (e.g., true scale), and I thus I could not resist to first take some comparison shots of the new Chaos Space Marines and Heretic Imperial troops with their loyalist peers and older versions of themselves.

As you can see below the new Chaos Space Marine models are indeed slightly taller than the old (e.g., Dark Vengeance) brethren but still slightly shorter than Primaris height.

Also the heretic troops are taller than e.g., the Cadian but fortunately not as tall as the new Delaque (what was GW thinking?!).

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