Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Paintdesk upgrade: Airbrush booth

One of my new years resolutions: cleaner air in the hobby room (and for my lungs)! It was high time to install an air brush booth to soak up the airbrush fumes (in addition to a mask of course), and for a while now there are out of the box solutions available in the inter webs. I know that it would be quite easy to build one on your own but I want to safe more time for actual painting of minis! ;-)

That said, I went to good old Ebay and bought and airbrush booth, namely the new version of the Haosheng HS-E420 in black and with LED lights integrated:

Which can be obtained here in the UK: https://bartsharp.co.uk/index.php/airbrush-spray-booths/e420-dc-portable-airbrush-spray-booth-178.html
In the end, I had to slightly modify it to fit underneath my monitor but I am quite happy with the solution:

Now when I airbrush, I open the window (tilt) and put the exhaust hose on the side at the opening.

I have to say that 45db is louder than I was hoping. So do not expect to be able to listen to audiobooks on the loud speakers while airbrushing (I guess I could try the headphone on top of my mask ;-))

Happy brushing everybody!!

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