Tuesday, January 22, 2019

X-Wing -- My first repaint -- Red 5

Happy new year to all you hoppy slavers out there!

My 2018 ended quite busy with a lot of work, travel and the holidays and 2019 started with some serious illness. Thus,  a little blogging hole has opened which now I aim to close by posting some stuff that I did end of last year but didn't manage to post:

First off, something slightly different than the Grim Dark:

In honour of the X-Wing Miniatures Game 2. Edition (which is an absolute blast!) I decided to repaint my first X-Wing miniature ever.

And which could be better suited than the most iconic space ship of all: Luke Skywalker's T65 X-Wing Designation: Red 5!

After spending a few hours searching the internet for the best reference pictures, I set off. I used the new T65 from the 2nd Edition Core Box.

First, I replaced the ugly massive transparent basing rod with something sleeker:

 And here is the result of just a few hours of easy-going repainting:

for the engine exhausts, I tried some new colours, namely the fluorescent paints from Vallejo, here a mix of the magenta and some orange. They are indeed fluorescent but you do not really see it in the photos...

And finally, and quick comparison with the 1.Edition T65:

May the force be with you!!!!

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