Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Welcome to the junkyard! -- The birth of a new custom Necromunda gang -- The Junkers


End of last year I had a very productive visit at my partner in crime on our common Necromunda project. Totally inspired by the new Necromunda miniatures, our creative minds went on overdrive, and after the creation of the Toxic Slag Miner gang being almost complete, we already had the next powerful idea:

Looking at the new Cawdor models, we saw trash... piles of junk and a bunsh of crazy guys living in between them. Visions of the new Mad Max and Walking Dead flooded us. So this is what came out of the creative chaos (work in progress of course):

For now, I call them shamelesslly "The Junkers". Above, you can see the (yet nameless) leader (guess which one it is ;-)), and two of his sla... eh "helpers" (the latter created by my friend).

The idea is that the leader is really massive (evidently) but NOT a stupid brute! This is why he actually has an (Orlock) spear cannon....

Next up is the (to become) crazy tech of the gang, the dude who builds things and keeps things functioning...

As you can see, he still needs to find some cloths (which I later started to model in Green stuff). His most prominent tool is his BIG mechanical eye, which allows him to efficiently find useful things among all the trash, like the flamer pistol he is carrying (hell yeah, the guy IS dangerous!).

And here the family portrait so far with "The Medic" (credits to my buddy, in particular for drilling out almost the whole pox walker buddy from underneath this pretty coat -- with a Dremel of course ;-))


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