Saturday, January 26, 2019

Necrons Rebooted -- The old masters awake again...

Humans! Kneel down with your weak flesh corpses! To the dust! Here come to true and rightful masters of the Galaxy, the ones who extinguished the Old Ones and oppressed the C'Tan. We are the Necrons, and we are legion!

Already many years ago, I recognised the might of the Necrons and decided to devote myself to them (at least partly in addition to the primordial annihilator and the Hivemind ;-)).  You can find my old Necrons by clicking on the corresponding keyword on the right (or here; and scrolling down to the older articles). However, after a short period of frenzied activity,  my Necrons dissappeared again to their stasis chambers and let Chaos troops and Underhive gangs freely roam on my painting and gaming tables.

But now, it is truly time for the Necrons to awake from their hibernation and return to take back what is rightfully theirs!

It all started with a weak electromagnetic pulse originating deep under the crust of the Imperial industrial world of Soton III. The pulse was so weak that even the most advanced sensors of the Adeptus Mechanicus barely detected something and signal adept Rho-56/13 dismissed it after short analysis with a 2.6112 sigma significance, calculating that with a probability of 73.5744 % the signal to originate from a natural source like a fluke in the magnetic core of the planet.

However adept Rho-56/13's conclusion although logical was wrong. The pulse was originating 43 kilometer underneath the surface of the uninhabited Solent valley, in a well secured stasis chamber.
It belonged to an ultra-short energy spike that started a fully automated reboot protocol, which in turn was initialized after a quantum countdown started many aeons ago came to its end. Shortly after there were the first mechanical movements in the chamber and a multiplicator machine restarted its production chain. If there camera signal of the chamber would have been accessible to the Imperials on the surface, they would have seen:

Shortly after that the Lord himself was awakened again and took over the control of the major strategical neural network to supervise and manipulate the default procedures according to his personal preferences. One of these steps was to review to different Necron troop models that were developed some 60 thousand years ago during the early stages of the biomachine transformation of his race:

In order to make his optimum choices, he takes into account the information about the new parasite that has befallen his planet during his rest.

The autonomous tomb defence machines had gathered some biological remains of this parasite that allowed a full genetical analysis showing all its weaknesses and thus the best strategies to exterminate it quickly. The Lord was in fact mildly surprised at the success of this parasite given its many and fatal obvious weaknesses. These suggested that reclaiming  the tomb world would be all to easy but his thousands of years of experience with parasite control told him that he was still missing some information.

Therefore, he decided that it was safer to also reboot and re-instate some of the old elite units that had served him so well in many occasions:

Soon, the machine bodies would be rebooted and ready for the download of Necron minds. Then, it would be time for a thorough cleansing of the Tomb World and its sister planets...

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